Hi and welcome to our site! My name is Brandon and my wife’s name is Mikaela. We aren’t your typical travel bloggers – mostly because we are working Americans with 9-5 jobs and two weeks vacation time. However, we love to travel and make it a point to take one big trip a year internationally and utilize long weekends to travel domestically. Thanks to time, budgeting and careful planning – we have been able to visit 16 counties around the world and hope to add many more to the list.
We would love to use this site to share tips, tricks and real world experience to help you with your next trip. Whether you are new to traveling, or are a frequent jetsetter, we have something for everyone!
Goals for the website
Our goal for the website is to bring travel ideas, experiences, tips, itineraries, photography and videos to the every day traveler.  Too many travel blogs are from people who have the luxury of spending days and weeks in cities. Unfortunately, Americans are strapped for time and can’t luxuriate in long holidays. The end goal is to be a resource for these travels like us, so they can know what to expect, how to plan, and enjoy their time. We would really like to get other people’s perspective and opinions on all things travel so I hope to have multiple guest writers from time to time sharing their experiences with you.
Enjoy the site!