Barcelona has a lot to offer. It’s culture and architecture showcase centuries worth of beauty and history. Barcelona is one of the oldest cities in the world and its coast lies along the Balearic sea. Intermingling with history, you’ll find a lively city with a lot of outdoor markets, cafes, little stores along every street, museums and churches.

Besides being steeped in history, Barcelona is definitely a modern city. It’s nightlife is amazing and you’ll find that the bars fill up long before the sun goes down. Their sangria is a must while taking in local music. Also, every meal is superb. Paella anyone?

When to Visit barcelona

The best time to visit Barcelona is during late spring and early summer. That is around the months of June to early August. The weather is generally pleasant but this is also high travel time for tourists. Cost of accommodations will be higher than during other times of the year.

There are many key events between September and October. The city is also much quieter. There are a lot of great deals in airline bookings and accommodation during the winter months of January to early April when the weather can get really cold.

How to Reach barcelona

By Plane

The Barcelona International Airport is the main hub of various international flights going to Barcelona. From the airport, you can take an airport transfer, train, or bus to get to the city center, which is about 12 to 14 km away. The bus from the airport is called the Aerobús and it leaves the airport every 5 to 10 minutes. The train however, leaves every half an hour and is also directly connected to the city center and other towns. Directions going to the train terminal can be fond in the airport proper.

By Train

Barcelona is also connected to other parts of Europe, via France, by train. Costs per trip depends on the origin of destination and the rail service that you are planning to book. These train trips can be one of the most reliable options for tourists going on a Euro tour.

Travel tips for barcelona

Do try their local paella. This dish originated from Valencia but the cuisine is made even popular in Barcelona. There are a lot of variations so find one you’ll enjoy! The seafood paella is popular and the seafood is fresh. It’s nice to have it with wine during dinner. Don’t leave Barcelona without trying one.

Do try lots of tapas. There are plenty of tapas bars scattered throughout the city. Be sure to drop in and try the assortment. Anything with Jamon Serrano is excellent!

Do tour the city using public transportation. For you to fully enjoy the city, don’t be afraid to travel around by means of public transportation. Barcelona has a lot to offer and sometimes, tour buses can really be expensive.

Do visit museums and churches. When you are in a foreign place, try as much as you can, to get to know more about its rich culture and history. In Barcelona, these can be seen in their churches and museum, which are also architectural wonders. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and you’ll surely learn a thing or two about world history here. But remember to dress appropriately cause churches can be strict with dress codes.

Don’t be surprise by afternoon siesta. Siesta is part of the Spanish culture. Some restaurants close in the afternoon and opens late in the evening. However, most of the establishments located in city center and in areas frequented by tourists are open. For museums and churches, research their operational hours to make sure you plan accordingly.

Don’t forget about the Barcelona Card. The Barcelona Card offers unlimited free public transportation (Metro and Bus) and offers free pass to a good amount of attractions/museums and even more that are discounted. It even includes restaurants, entertainment and shopping discounts.

Typical Costs in barcelona

Price Range for Hotels

A pension house or bed and breakfast usually costs around €25 to €60 while a hotel accommodation can run from €80 to about €400, depending on season, type, and location. During peak season 5-star and totally luxurious hotels can cost as much as a thousand euros per night.

Cost of Meal

A budget lunch or dinner can cost about €6 to 12 in Barcelona. If you are planning to have a much decent dinner with wine and some tapas, prepare to spend about €24 to €36. A fast food meal is about €7. Grocery store wine is cheaper in grocery stores – at about €5 to €6. Head down to the beach and have a fresh seafood lunch for about €9-14.

Cost for Commute

Barcelona has an excellent and tourist friendly transportation system. Cost of a single journey ticket on bus or metro is €2.15 and they stop at most tourist spots around Barcelona. Tourists can purchase the multi-trip tickets that are much cheaper. There is also a T10 tickets or 10 single trips ticket available for €9.95 and this can be used by multiple person on a single trip.

Top Places to Visit in barcelona

Marvel at the beauty of
Sagrada Familia

This unfinished church is the most visited and the most famous attraction in Barcelona. The church was designed by Antoni Gaudi but he died before he could see it completed. It has been under construction for more than a hundred years to complete his vision. Its exquisite beauty is something you cannot miss! There are also countless artifacts and historical stops inside the church. Take the time to explore this wonder.

Get to know Picasso’s early
works at Museo Picasso

A visit to Barcelona would not be complete without having to drop by Museo Picasso. More than 4,000 collection of artworks are housed inside the museum and according to some, most of these artworks depicts Picasso’s relationship with Barcelona, the city he spent most of his time with. But don’t expect to see world-renowned Picasso paintings here because the museum primarily showcases Picasso’s early work, when he was still struggling as an artist. If you are a fan of Picasso, you’ll get to meet a lot of art enthusiasts roaming around the museum. There’s an entrance fee of about €11. I would recommend buying the tickets in advance if you don’t have the Barcelona Pass. The line to get tickets can get really long.

Get a stunning view of the city on top of Montjuïc Castle

Montjüic is a broad hill located southwest of the city center. You can walk or ride a cable car to go all the way up here. There are a lots of restaurants and attractions around the area but climbing on top of the Montjüic Castle is one of the most rewarding things to do because it gives you a beautiful view of the city.

Join a Barcelona walking tour

If you like to explore the city on foot, then you may do so by joining a free walking tour. This could take up to 3 or more hours but its one of the best ways for you to experience the city. Get to see the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona Cathedral, and some other famous spots.

Stroll along Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is actually composed of several lively streets. It’s one of the city’s most popular attraction and entertainment hubs. While walking along stretch of Las Ramblas, you’ll get to see bars, cafes, restaurants, some stores selling paintings, and even street performers. It’s relaxing to just stroll around and experience Barcelona the way local’s do. Be aware of pickpocketers! Keep your bags close and zippered shut.

Discover Barrio Gotico

A free yet marvelous attraction is the Barrio Gotico, a preserved medieval area that is part of the old towns of Barcelona. Take in the markets and restaurants of this section of Barcelona.

marvel at the works of gaudi

Gaudi is a legendary Spanish architect. He was known as the greatest contributor to the movement of Catalan Modernism. His works are incredibly unique and very Gaudi. Around Barcelona you can see many of his works.

  watch the greatest football club in the world

Even if you can’t catch a match, you should still pay a visit to Camp Nou and take a tour. The stadium is incredible and there is so much history with this club. Also, I could be a bit biased. FORÇA BARÇA!