Get Travel Insurance!

What’s at the top of your list when you’re researching and planning your travel needs? Obviously, you’ll need clothes, suitcases, hotel reservations and bookings for your tours … but what you don’t want to forget is your travel insurance.
Every time my wife and I take a trip, we purchase travel insurance. With all of the unknowns that traveling brings, having travel insurance helps ease our minds so we can enjoy traveling.
When you are deciding which travel insurance policy to purchase, make sure the countries you are traveling to is covered by that specific policy. There are some policies that include health coverage. Make sure that it covers injuries, and any sudden illness. On our most recent trip to Peru, we were doing a lot of adventurous, outdoor activities in very remote areas, so knowing that we had travel insurance that covered any unexpected accident helped us feel better.
The rest of your travel insurance should cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions like jewelry, baggage, documents and electronic devices, hotel bookings, flight cancellations and more. If you have a lot of connecting flights this is incredibly handy because in the case of lost luggage, canceled or very delayed flights, you can have some sort of coverage so you aren’t stuck.
There are numerous insurance companies, and they all sell travel insurance. We recommend World Nomads. We have an awesome experience with them when we have had to use it. This insurance is not that expensive and the cost depends of the duration of your trip and the amount of money that covers insurance policy. Invest in travel insurance. The small cost you’ll pay upfront will help cover you in case of any emergency and provide you peace of mind. Enjoy your travels!

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