Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. The best time to visit the country is during April to May or September to October, during the spring and fall where the weather is nice and cool. Between May and October there are food expos where you can enjoy various cuisines from around the world.

How to Reach the Destination

Milan is definitely one of the most famous cities in Northern Italy and getting there is easy!

By Plane

Malpensa Airport is Milan’s gateway to the world. Most international flights land here. Milan has two other airports namely Linate Airport, which holds mostly European flights, and the Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, which is the main hub for low cost airlines such as Ryanair. You can then take a cheap coach bus into the city center.

By Train

The Trenitalia connects Milan to other European city so traveling by train isn’t a hassle.

Travel Tips

Create your own itinerary.  Even if there are a lot of suggested places for tourists, try to visit places that really interest you. If you have enough time, get lost, follow your own path, and just relax. This is probably one of the best ways to explore the city. If you are strapped for time a strict literary and this highlight guide will certainly help.

Do dress your best.  Europeans are known for being fashionable. When walking on the streets, it seems like everyone’s part of a big runway. Apart from that, Milan is known for its beautiful churches which requires a dress code so women should be sure to bring a cover up if ever you are wearing a spaghetti strap or tube top.

Do take care of your belongings.  There are some tourist spots in Milan that can be a surrounded by pickpockets. Yes, the place is lovely and it would take your breath away but what would you do if your pocket money is stolen from you? Be alert all the time especially on crowded areas.

Don’t fall for tourist traps.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of restaurants and even stores that offers souvenir items that are really overpriced. These are mostly located in popular places like Piazza del Duomo and Via Dante.

Pre-book your Last Supper viewing.   To be able to see Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting you will need a ticket that has a specific time to enter the chapel. The official site is http://www.cenacolovinciano.org You can find tickets on Viator and Get Your Guide as well.  

Typical Costs

Price Range for Hotels

Cost of accommodation in Milan can be very expensive so you have to do a to of research. Budget hostel would cost about €25 up to €80. For large groups look into dorms or hostels. These may have a minimum of 4 people and charge around €100 or more. Regular 3-4 stars hotels cost €100 to €500 while the 5 stars hotels cost is from €500 up. Aside from checking rates online for budget hostel, there is always Airbnb where you can also find loads of cheap accommodations.

Cost of Meal

Costs for meals depends where you eat but everything is delicious. A simple meal of pizza or pasta with a bottle of water would cost about €5 to €7. This is also the price for some fast food restaurants. A more fine and expensive dining would cost you about €25 up to to €80. Want a beer after a whole day of tour? It costs about €3 to €5 .

Cost for Transportation

Trains from the airport to the city cost €12 one-way and €18 roundtrip. If your taking a regular train or bus while going around the city, a single journey would cost you €1.50. Riding taxi is very could be very expensive in Milan. Apart from your actual taxi fare, there is a €3 cost for pick-up.

If you want more convenience you can always get the Milano Card for tourists. One day use of Milano card is €6.5 while three days would cost €13. It offers discounts on selected Milan restaurants, skip-the-line services in selected museums, up to 48 hours of free public transportation.



Milan Cathedral
(The Duomo)

Catholics and non-Catholics alike can’t help but marvel at the beauty of this gothic church. It is the largest cathedral in Italy and is definitely the most iconic structure in Milan. It was built in 1386 and is the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. For an amazing view climb to the roof top and wonder through the maze of spires.

Go Shopping at

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

For most tourists, shopping in Milan will never be considered as a sin – even if you go overboard! The city has many famous boutiques and according to some, prices are much cheaper than in other countries. The iconic shopping mall Galleria Vittoria Emanuel II, named after Italy’s first king, is Milan’s most famous shopping mall. It has one of a kind architecture, magnificent glass ceilings and floors made of stunning mosaics. Stores inside the mall are all high end.

Marvel at the beauty of the
Da Vinci’s Last Supper

The Church of Santa Maria della Grazie is the home of the famous Leonardo the Vinci artifact, the Last Supper. Only 25 people are allowed to view the painting at a time and usually a reservation is a must. The church is about 20 minutes walk from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. That is a lot of walking but you can ride a bus too!

On the back side of Santa Maria della Grazie is an nice exhibit in the Bramante Sacristy. Here houses the exhibition of Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus, an exhibition that has hand drawings from Da Vinci himself. It is well worth the 10 euro admission. Click here for a pretty cool Google street inside view of the exhibition.

Reminisce the good
ol’ days at La Scala

Those who have been to Milan certainly had set foot in La Scala, one of the popular tourist attraction in the city. La Scala has served as a home to many iconic opera artists and singers for almost a hundred years. The building itself, designed by famous Italian archive Giuseppe Piermarini, is considered as one of the city’s landmarks and iconic places.

Hang out and Relax in
Parco Semipone

This park hosts the Sforzesco castle which is for sure worth a visit. It is the home to Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà, which was one of the artist’s last sculptures and you can see some of the struggles he was having to complete it. The park is also a great place to catch a tan or walk around and get lost for hours.