Prague Travel Guide OVERVIEW

Popularly known as the city of a hundred spires, Prague is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe and boasts of historic squares and enchanting bridges. Prague is considered equivalent to Paris when it comes to beauty. Whether you are a wanderer, historian, art lover, or foodie, you’ll love everything Prague has to offer and we hope this Prague travel guide will help you plan your trip!

When to Visit Prague

Summer in Prague is hot with heavy thunderstorms. Winter is freezing. The best time to head to Prague is spring (April to May) or fall (September to October) when the weather is pleasant. Spring brings additional beauty to the city with magnolia flowers blossoming everywhere. Fall mostly has long warm days, giving you enough opportunities to move around till late evenings. However, if you visit during the wintertime (November to January), you will have the city with sights glazed under the thick layers of snow all to yourself as it has lesser crowds.

Where to Stay in Prague

Stare Mesto & Josefov – This is the best area for first-timers as it’s right in the old town and near all the main things to see in Prague. There is also a lot of nightlife going on so if you want some quieter this probably isn’t the best place. It will also be a little more expensive than other parts of the city.

Nove Mesto & Vyšehrad – Nove Mesto actually just means New Town. In this context, the word “New” doesn’t actually signify new. This area of Prague dates back to the 14th century. It is largely level, easy to navigate on foot, and well connected to trams and the subway. There is a lot to see in Nove Mesto, as well as a wide variety of cafes, pubs, restaurants, and shops.

Vinohrady- If you are looking for an alternative to the two popular neighborhoods above then Vinohrady might be the spot for you. Vinohrady is a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the city with streets surrounded by trees. The district is popular with Prague’s international community since it is full of eateries, bars, and cafés.

Getting Around prague

By Foot Prague is a walkable city, especially in the old town. Put on comfortable walking shoes as the streets are cobbled.

By Tram The tram system in the heart of Prague is first-rate, and once you are in the historical area, we advise you to use it to get from top attractions to top attractions so you may see as much as possible.

By Metro There are now only three lines in Prague: the A (green line), the B (yellow line), and the C (blue line) (red line). At transfer stations referred to as Florenc, Muzeum, and Mustek, you can switch between the lines.

By Funicular Try the funicular which runs from Ujezd street in the Lesser Town to the top of Petrin Hill.

By Bus The city center of Prague is not a particularly handy place to travel by bus, and we don’t think normal tourists need to use bus lines at all.

Prague Travel Tips


  • Czech koruna (crowns) is the official currency
  • Keep small change handy for tram tickets, public toilets etc.
  • Currency exchange is best done at banks
  • ATMS have a surcharge. Travel operators charge 2% extra. Hotels charge 5-8% extra

Hotels and Restaurants

  • Tipping is normal in hotel and restaurants
  • Restaurants bills are rounded off
  • Best hotel deals, as well as airline deals, are available in the off-season

Health & Safety 

  • Beware of pickpockets, especially on the Charles Bridge
  • Beware of ATM thefts
  • Validate your transport ticket. Ticket checking is a ritual in Prague.

Typical Costs in Prague

On a Budget

  • Around $35-50 USD should do it.
  • Hostel beds are around $20
  • Cheap meals for the day can be around $15
  • $5 for transportation
  • Another $10-15 for attractions


  • Expect around $80-100 a day
  • Around $40-60 could get you a cheap hotel room
  • Around $30 could get your meals
  • $5 for transportation
  • Another $10-15 for attractions


  • Closer to $300+ a day although if you plan on eating fine dining it’ll be quite a bit more.
  • A higher end hotel will be at least around $200
  • Meals you may expect to spend $60. Although as menioned if you are doing michelin star dining it will be a lot more.
  • Assuming you’ll Uber or Taxi everywhere this could be $50 a day depending on where all you go and how many rides.

Top Places to Visit in prague

Stroll the Charles

Charles Bridge is a hive of activity day and night and is an important part of this vibrant city, not least because it is the main thoroughfare linking the Old Town with Mala Strana on the opposite side of the river. Lined with souvenir stands and talented artists and musicians this 13th century bridge always makes for an entertaining stroll.

Marvel at Prague

Former residence of the Princes and Kings of Bohemia and now the seat of the President, Prague Castle is an intrinsic part of Prague and a wonderful place to explore, with its Crown Jewels, St. Vitus Cathedral and changing of the guards at the Castle gates. Any literary fans will also be interested to visit Golden Lane in the castle grounds where Franz Kafka once lived.
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St. Nicholas Church

This baroque church dates back to 1735 and stands on the site of an earlier church. With its pure white frontage this beautiful building is an admirable asset to the Old Town Square and has an equally breathtaking interior with stunning frescos. It is no wonder that classical concerts are held in this majestic setting throughout the year.

Relax and have beer at U Medvidku Beer Hall and Restaurant

A mini-brewery, restaurant, and hotel all in one!This place dates back to 1466 and is said to be as unique as the city it’s in. Stop in for a pint or if you are looking for a unique stay this is the place.

See the Astronomical

Prague’s Astronomical Clock can be found on the side of the Old Town Hall. Dating back to the 15th century this magnificent time piece is easy to spot as typically a crowd gathers in front of it every hour on the hour in time for the procession of the Twelve Apostles, during which a small trap door opens and Christ leads the way ahead of his disciples.

Old Town Square

This historic square is a popular tourist destination with sights such as the Astronomical clock and also serves as a popular meeting place. It is also the site of Prague’s annual Christmas Market. In the center of the square stands the Jan Hus Memorial erected in 1915 to mark 500 years since his death by burning due to his religious beliefs.

Visit the Petrin
Lookout Tower

Built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition, the Petrin View Tower is a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower and stands at a height of 60m with 299 steps leading up to the top platform. The Tower was reopened in 2002 after a period of reconstruction, head to the top of Petrin View Tower for stunning views over Prague.
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