Ultimate Amsterdam Travel Guide

Ultimate Amsterdam Travel Guide

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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is famous for its canals, colorful facades, world-class museums and bicycles. From Van Gogh to Pomme Frites the streets are steeped in history and culture. Make sure to take advantage of the 250 miles of bike pathways and lose yourself in the magnificent array of art galleries and museums. Hopefully, this Amsterdam city travel guide helps out!





Amsterdam is easy to reach via train or plane from any European city. International flights also come in daily from most destinations around the world.


By Car: Reachable by car from London and Paris via the English Channel, allow a day if driving.
 I’ve even driven from Berlin, Germany befor and it was a nice drive.

By Train: The best option if you’re already in Europe is quick and easy with Eurostar and Thalys trains.

By Plane: Budget carriers offer cheap flights into Amsterdam daily from all over Europe. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main international airport and has direct flights from many countries. Check Skyscanner for the best options.




DON’T buy drugs on the street. Amsterdam might be pretty loose when it comes to legal drugs but on the street you’re more than likely buying dried cabbage or crushed bay leaves.

DO get around by bike. There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam (literally) and this is the perfect way to see this beautiful place at a slower pace.
 It’s also super safe due to strict laws for motorist when hitting cyclist.

DON’T walk in the bike lanes. You will get run over and it will be your own fault.


DO visit a ‘coffee shop’. Don’t confuse it with a café. There will be no coffee buying here.
 Although, I suppose you could drink coffee.

DON’T wander down shady alleyways at night. There is some dodgy stuff goes on, as in any town so don’t get caught up in it.

DO go museum hopping. Amsterdam is home to some of the best museums in the world including my favorite, the Van Gogh Museum so take advantage of them.




Price range for Hotels


At the cheapest end of the scale, you can get a relatively centrally-located hotel for about $80 but it will be very basic, prices go right up to $400 night. You’re best if you are looking to save money is to book a private room in a hostel or go during the off season.

Cost of a Meal


Street food can be as cheap as $8 for a kebab or some frites with mayo while a meal in one of Amsterdam’s Michelin star restaurants can cost you upwards of $150 a person or more. Average lunch meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: $35 including beers. Keep an eye out for fixed price lunch deals to save a few bucks.


Top Places to Visit in Amsterdam


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