Barcelona Spain Travel Guide

Barcelona Spain Travel Guide

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Barcelona Travel Guide Overview

Barcelona has a lot to offer. Its culture and architecture showcase centuries’ worth of beauty and history. Barcelona is one of the oldest cities in the world, and its coast lies along the Balearic Sea. Intermingling with history, you’ll find a lively city with a lot of outdoor markets, cafes, little stores along every street, museums, and churches.

Besides being steeped in history, Barcelona is definitely a modern city. Its nightlife is amazing, and you’ll find that the bars fill up quickly long before the sun goes down. Their sangria is a must-try while you’re there, listening to local music. Also, every meal is superb. Paella anyone?

Barcelona Travel Guide: When to Visit

The best time to visit Barcelona is in late spring and early summer. The weather is generally pleasant, but this is also a popular travel time for tourists, so it will be more crowded. However, it is not as crowded as the mid-summer peak season.

Another option is between September and October, when there are also a lot of events happening. In terms of tourism, the city is also much quieter.There are a lot of great deals on airline flights and accommodations during the winter months of January to early April, when the weather can get cold.

Barcelona Travel Guide: Where to Stay

For travelers looking to be at the city center, Las Ramblas, Placa de Catalunya, and the Gothic Quarter or the Old Town are areas that are nearest to the main sites and are most accessible to  Barcelona’s public transportation. Montjuic and Poble Sec are also nearby areas (a few minutes away from the center) where accommodations are cheaper.

Barcelona Travel Guide: How to Get There

By Plane

Barcelona International Airport is the main hub for various international flights going to Barcelona. From the airport, you can take an airport transfer, a train, or a bus to get to the city center, which is about 7-8 miles away. The bus from the airport is called the Aerobús and it leaves the airport every 5 to 10 minutes. The train, however, leaves every half hour and is also directly connected to the city center and other towns. Directions going to the train terminal can be found in the airport proper.

By Train

Barcelona is also connected to other parts of Europe, via France, by train. Costs per trip depend on the origin of the destination and the rail service that you are planning to book. These train trips can be one of the most reliable options for tourists going on a Euro tour.

Barcelona Travel Guide: Travel Tips

Try the local paella. This dish originated in Valencia, but the cuisine is even more popular in Barcelona. There are a lot of variations, so find one you’ll enjoy! The seafood paella is popular, and the seafood is fresh. It’s nice to have it with wine during dinner. Don’t leave Barcelona without trying one.

Try lots of tapas. There are plenty of tapas bars scattered throughout the city. Be sure to drop in and try the assortment. Anything with Jamon Serrano is excellent!

Do tour the city using public transportation. For you to fully enjoy the city, don’t be afraid to travel around by means of public transportation. Barcelona has a lot to offer, and sometimes tour buses can be expensive.

Do visit museums and churches. When you are in a foreign place, try as much as you can, to get to know more about its rich culture and history. In Barcelona, these can be seen in their churches and museums, which are also architectural wonders. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, and you’ll surely learn a thing or two about world history here. But remember to dress appropriately, because churches can be strict with dress codes.

Don’t be surprised by an afternoon siesta. Siesta is part of Spanish culture. Some restaurants close in the afternoon and open late in the evening. However, most of the establishments located in the city center and in areas frequented by tourists are open. For museums and churches, research their operational hours to make sure you plan accordingly.

Don’t forget about the Barcelona Card. The Barcelona Card offers unlimited free public transportation (Metro and Bus) and offers a free pass to a good amount of attractions and museums, plus even more that are discounted.It even includes restaurant, entertainment, and shopping discounts.

Barcelona Travel Guide: Typical Costs

Price Range for Hotels

A hostel or bed and breakfast usually costs around €15 to €60, while hotel accommodations can range from €80 to about €400, depending on the season, type, and location. During peak season, 5-star and totally luxurious hotels can cost as much as a thousand euros per night.

Cost of a Meal

A budget lunch or dinner can cost about €6–12 in Barcelona. If you are planning to have a much more decent dinner with wine and some tapas, prepare to spend about €24 to €36. A fast food meal costs around €7. Grocery store wine is less expensive—around €5 to €6. Head down to the beach and have a fresh seafood lunch for about €9–14.

Cost of a Commute

Barcelona has an excellent and tourist friendly transportation system. The cost of a single journey ticket on the bus or metro is €2.15 and they stop at most tourist spots around Barcelona. Tourists can purchase multi-trip tickets that are much cheaper. There is also a “T10” ticket for 10 single trips available for €9.95, which can be used by multiple people on a single trip.


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