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Portland Oregon Travel Guide

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Portland Travel Guide: Overview

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. Its neighbors are San Francisco and Seattle. Mount Hood and the Willamette and Columbia rivers are a part of the breathtaking landscape in Portland. The city reflects mixture of historic and modern architecture and with numerous parks. It creates a charming appearance of the capital of Oregon. This city is not like the others big cities. If you want to be in countryside, all you have to do is drive for out 20 minutes or so and you are in nature, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of Oregon. Here are some interesting facts for you to enjoy!

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Popular Destinations in Portland

Beside Portland’s numerous museums there are some very popular tourist attractions and places to visit. First of all, the nature around this city is breathtaking. The most beautiful among them are Mount Hood, Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast. Portland is the biggest and the most important city in Oregon, but there are some other historically important cities like Oregon City, Vancouver (Washington), and small town of St. Helens. If you are a lover of craft beer then Portland is a must visit. With over 50 breweries in the city (over 80 in the metro area) you are sure to find a style of your liking.

When to Visit Portland

This part of the United States has beautiful landscapes that you can enjoy year-around. During the spring and summer there are numerous festivals and events in the city, but during the winter you can enjoy skiing at Mount Hood.

How to Reach Portland

The easiest way to get to Portland is by plane. The main airport is Portland International Airport. If you are close to the cities near Portland you can get here by train, bus or car. The main train station is Union Station and there are two important bus stations in the city- Greyhound Station and Union Station (Amtrak). When it comes to boats, there are no regular lines to get to Portland, but there are tourist cruises on the Willamette River.

Getting around Portland

It’s easy to get around Portland because of the way it is laid out. The city is divided in 5 sectors (SW – South of Burnside and west of the Willamette River- downtown of Portland is located in this area, SE – South of Burnside and east of the Willamette River, NE – North of Burnside and east of Williams Avenue, N – North of Burnside, east of the Willamette River and west of Williams Avenue and NW – North of Burnside and west of the Willamette River). Driving in the city center is not recommended, because it’s expensive and very hard to find parking. Instead, take public transport or walk! Portland public transport includes buses, streetcars and MAX light rail that has 4 lines (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green). On of the best way of transport and definitely one of the most popular is cycling. So take your bike, and explore this amazing city.

Where to Stay in Portland


The most popular destination for tourist stays are in Portland’s Downtown, the most busy and accessible part of the city. Pearl District is also an option for those wanting to stay near the center, while Nob Hill is ideal for those wanting a quiete, more artsy and architectural area for their stay. Division St. and Central Eastside are notable for their restaurants and coffee culture, respectively.

Travel Tips for Portland

Don’t miss the Willamette Valley and its wineries. Enjoy beautiful sceneries and try amazing and delicious Oregon wine.

Do visit some of the most popular Portland’s festivals and events like Portland Rose Festival, Potland International Film Festival, numerous food and drink festivals and cycling events.

Don’t miss walking through Waterfront Park on Saturday and visit Portland Saturday Market– the largest open-air arts and crafts market in the USA.

Do explore Portland museums like Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Oregon Historical Society, Pittock Mansion, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Jewish Museum etc. This way you will get the best lessons about this city and its residents.

Don’t miss skiing on Mount Hood and its ski resorts during the winter season. Only 90 minutes from Portland, you can enjoy this popular winter sport or relax with a glass of hot chocolate by the slopes.

Typical Costs for Portland

Price Range for hotels

Hotel prices depend on the type of the hotel you want. The average for a one-night stay in budget hotels is between $50 – $80 a night. Mid-range hotels are typically between $100 and $200 a night. Luxury hotels can start around $300 a night.

Cost of Meal

Like in every big city in the USA, you have a large number of restaurants. Depending on your budget, you can eat on a budget, mid-range or expensive restaurant. When it comes to budget meals you eat in places like Burgerville, Cha! Cha! Cha!, Cheesesteaks & Burgers or The Delta. Here you can get good food, large portions at a reasonable price. You could also try a food truck and experience street food. You can try diverse cuisines at food trucks for below $10.

Top Places to Visit in Portland


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