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Buenos Aires Travel Guide Overview

Buenos Aires, the city where the simple things of life are appreciated. A coffee, a siesta, a walk in the park, a little chat with friends… In Buenos Aires you will find busy streets at any time (but especially at night) with people drinking wine, eating, and even sleeping at Plaza San Martin. The nightlife is incredible. If you are going to Buenos Aires, you’re in for a treat because it is an amazing place!

We hope this Buenos Aires travel guide can help you plan your trip, learn about the must-see places in the Buenos Aires, give you travel tips, and ensure you make the most out of your trip to Buenos Aires.

How to Reach the Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, in South America, and is easy to get to.

By car

Once in South America, you can go by car to Buenos Aires. Actually, you can cross all of South America by car.

By plane

You can reach Buenos Aires from the majority of big airports in the world. You can also search for the Argentinian Airlines, “Aerolineas Argentinas”.

By bus

You can use Buquebus to get to Buenos Aires from Montevideo or Punta del Este, for example.

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires


Most stores and hotels are located in Palermo, with visitors having access to transport services and the major city sites. Travelers can also opt for the south of Palermo, which is similar to Palermo in terms of options and is near the city center. San Telmo is also an option for those looking for a more traditional feel to their stay. Another option with a more local but swanky vibe is the Palermo Soho neighborhood.

Buenos Aires Travel Tips

Do Try to Tango

You have to try to dance a little bit of Tango as it’s a very popular dance in Argentina. It is possible to find some free lessons with a local in a Milonga or in some hostels. If you just want to appreciate the dance, there are many places in the city where you can pay to watch a show. If you’re lucky like us you can even get pulled on stage for a dance! Have fun!

Don’t buy water

Unlike other South and Central American countries the water is safe to drink. You can refill your bottle with Buenos Aires’ tap water, is totally drinkable. Save your money for the steaks!

Do a free walking tour

There’s no need to spend loads on a guided tour if you are trying to save some cash. You can enjoy a free walking tour like in the biggest cities of Europe. Of course, don’t forget to tip your guide. Another option is renting a bicycle and cycling around Buenos Aires which is quite fun.

Do a day trip to Delta el Tigre

With a return ticket of 8 ARS more or less, you can take a slow train of one hour each way to visit Delta el Tigre and enjoy a nice way to relax and the beautiful view of the Delta.

Eat all the meats!

Argentina is know for it’s grass-fed beef. Head to a parrilla and try a little bit of everything. My favorite place was La Brigada Parrilla which was featured on Bizarre Foods. Be sure to try some sweet bread as well (it’s not what you think it is).

Don’t leave Buenos Aires without trying dulce de leche

The amazing flavor of the milky caramel sweet… You can find this incredible treat in different types of desserts but don’t leave until try it, you won’t regret it!

Typical Costs in Buenos Aires

Price Range for Hotels

Prices of dormitory rooms at hostels range from 75 ARS and you can find hostels for under 100 to around 200 ARS for the most popular ones (always in shared bedrooms). If you want some privacy, you will find private rooms at around 500 ARS.

Hotels are around 180 to 200 ARS. For a good location, you can search an accommodation near San Telmo or Palermo. If you want to stay in a more trendy type area the Soho district is quite nice.

Cost of meal

If you are on a tight budget, it is possible to find meals at 93 ARS at lunch and 210 ARS at dinnertime. If you really want to go out to eat in the city, do it at lunchtime, as some cafes have a lunch menu that often includes steaks. Some popular places in Buenos Aires are Café Tortoni and Guerrin. My favorite restaurant of course is La Brigada Parilla.

Cost for commute

Getting around is easy. You can walk, take a bus or subway to lots of places in Buenos Aires. A one-way ticket is 4,50 ARS and a 24-hour touristic bus is 260 ARS. Taxis were also affordable and safe which is how we chose to get around most of the time.

Must See Attractions

Restaurants and Bars




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