Argentina Reciprocity Fee!

Argentina Reciprocity Fee!


As of March, 24th 2016 the Argentine Government has suspended the reciprocity fee for Americans. However, there is still a fee for Australians & Canadians. Please check the requirements for your country prior to arriving. Please review the link below:
So you are going to Argentina huh? Have your plane tickets bought, hotel booked, ready to tango? Not so fast! Did you pay your reciprocity fee yet? This is a mistake I almost made recently when planning my trip to Argentina. I had watched numerous travel videos and thought I read enough guide book info, but this little bit of very important information about visiting Argentina slipped through the cracks. So, what is a reciprocity fee? It’s a fee that is charged at a country’s entry point for certain passport holders of specific countries. Usually the counter acts the fee the traveler’s home nation charges their country. So in my instance the USA charges $160USD to Argentinians to enter the USA so in return American travelers will have to pay that to enter Argentina by and means of transportation. (Train, Boat, Plane) There are 22 other countries that have to pay this fee including Australia and Canada. The only good thing it is valid for 10 years for American. A piece of important information! You MUST purchase this prior to arriving in Argentina. You cannot purchase this at the airport or port. Also, in addition your passport must not be expiring within 6 months of your visit. If you fail to meet any of these requirements they will not let you load the plane or cross the border so you could be out of a lot of money!


1. Go to the Provincia Pagos website and register for an account: 2. Complete the form with your personal passport details, etc. Then there will be an option to pay via credit card. This will be received online by the National Immigration Agency (DNM) along with your entry code number. 3. Print the payment receipt. (It’s a good idea to print multiple copies.. I have heard they take you print out each time you enter the country) 4. Show the Officials your receipt upon arrival. When you arrive in Argentina, this printed receipt must be presented at Immigration Control (DNM) – again keep a few copies with you just in case. The officials will then scan the receipt; the information checked, etc and then you will be admitted into Argentina. For more information for American travelers going to Argentina visit here:


• Australia: USD 100. Valid for multiple entries for 1 year from the date of payment of the reciprocity fee. • Canada: CAD 100 for multiple entries for 10 years, or up to one month before the expiring date of the passport where the payment of the fee was stamped, which occurs first. • United States: USD 160. Valid for multiple entries for ten years.