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The Danube Delta is a unique natural reserve located in Romania and Ukraine. It is one of the largest and best-preserved deltas in Europe, known for its diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife. The delta has been inhabited for thousands of years, with various cultures leaving their mark on the region.

How to Get There

The Danube Delta can be accessed by boat from various towns along the Danube River, such as Tulcea, Romania, or Sulina, Romania. Visitors can also reach the delta by car or bus from nearby cities like Bucharest or Constanta.

List of Attractions

  • Boat tours through the maze of channels and lakes
  • Bird watching at one of the largest bird reserves in Europe
  • Exploring traditional fishing villages and meeting locals
  • Hiking and biking through the pristine natural landscapes

Ticket Information

Entry to the Danube Delta is free, but visitors may need to pay for boat tours or guided excursions. Prices vary depending on the length and type of tour, so it’s best to check with local tour operators for the most up-to-date information.

List of Tips for Visiting

  • Bring insect repellent to protect against mosquitos
  • Dress in layers as the weather can change quickly in the delta
  • Respect the local wildlife and follow all park rules and regulations
  • Book boat tours in advance to secure your spot

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