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Dublin Travel Guide Overview

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is popular among tourists who are fond of a city bustling with life 24/7. It’s famous for its nightlife and lively Irish locals. The food in Dublin is served in huge portions at a reasonable price. If you’re in Dublin, walking around the streets, learning about the history, visiting some pubs, and listening to Irish music we hope this Dublin travel guide made your visit a little bit easier.

Table of Contents

When to Visit Dublin

Dublin’s weather can be quite unstable, and it runs from usually mild to really cold, so bring a rain jacket and/or an umbrella. The best time to visit the city is during the summer, which is from May to September, when days are longer and tourists can spend a lot of time exploring the city. However, the city is a lot more crowded, and prices for accommodations are high as well.

How to Reach Dublin

By Plane

Dublin Airport is the main hub for international flights. However, there’s no metro station connected to the airport and the city center, but the airlink does go to the city center. Taxis are easy to take from the airport and around the city, though fares can be expensive. Uber is available, but they are taxi drivers with the Uber app.

By Ferry

Traveling by ferry or cruise is easy because Ireland is an island. The Dublin Port is just minutes away from the city center. Another port called Dun Laoghaire is located 30 to 45 minutes away from the center.

Where to Stay in Dublin

Dublin is home to many districts that offer many options for different tastes. Georgian Dublin and Grafton Street offers up many beautiful architectural sites. For those wanting to their share of ocean views, the coast of Dublin contains many establishments that caters to visitors’ stays. South Dublin is also notable for its location near parks while the area north of the river is nearer to the city’s center. 

Dublin Travel Tips

Try the local Irish cuisine. Aside from Irish stew and blood pudding, there are a variety of seafood dishes that are a must-try in Ireland. You’d be surprised at the variety of dishes and local beers.

Have a good time and catch some good Irish music at the pub. It’s nice to have fun with the locals and drink beer at some pubs. Blend in, listen to good music, and have a good time.

Visit Temple Bar, but be mindful of the prices. Drop by the famous Temple Bar area and have your photos taken outside, listen to music, etc. Drink prices at Temple Bar increase as the sun goes down. If you’re watching your budget, go during the day to avoid high prices.

Don’t try to fit in too many things on your itinerary. Dublin is a huge city, and visiting a lot of places in one day will usually involve a lot of walking, which can be exhausting. Plan accordingly.

Typical Costs in Dublin

Price Range for Hotels

There’s a wide range of prices for accommodations in Dublin. Backpacker hostels or dorms typically cost between €10 and €80 per night. A budget hotel costs about €70 to €100. A 5-star hotel starts at around €200 a night.

Cost of Meal

A budget meal is around €5 to €12. A budget lunch or dinner can run from €6 up to €18. A pint of beer costs €5 up to €6 in bars, while it’s only around €2 in groceries. If you want to dine at a Michelin-starred Eat and Drink, you can expect to spend around $150 per person before wine.

Cost for Transportation

The bus is the main means of transportation in Dublin. Tickets run about €1.95 but can increase depending on the destination. Due to city traffic, commutes via bus can be time-consuming. There’s no extensive city rail service in Dublin, so getting from one point to another by train to reach top destinations can be quite difficult. However, the DART, or suburban train system, that costs €2, can take you to some of the quaint and beautiful villages north and south of the city. The “Luas” or tram, is also another good option to get around the city, a ticket is €1.80. There are loads of taxis, and Uber is technically available, although they are just taxis with the Uber app. The fares can add up quite quickly, though.

Top Places to Visit in Dublin

Top Places to Eat in Dublin


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