Situated in the heart of downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market offers a vibrant epicenter for fresh, local produce, handcrafted goods and unique specialty foods. This guide provides you with much-needed information for your exclusive visit.


Pike Place Market was established in 1907 as one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets of the United States. Over the years, it has become a cherished destination for locals and tourists alike. Here, small farmers, craftsmen and merchants come together to offer their goods.

How to Get There

Pike Place Market is centrally located at Pike Street and is easily accessible via public transportation, including metro and bus. If you drive, there are numerous parking garages or lots around the market.

List of Attractions

  • The iconic Pike Place Fish Market, famous for their ‘flying’ fish.
  • The original Starbucks, opened in 1971.
  • The ‘Gum Wall’ in Post Alley, a curiously popular and somewhat gross tourist attraction.
  • The Pike Place Market Urban Garden, which provides city views and organic greens to the local food bank.
  • The wide variety of local craftsmen and vendors selling unique wares.

Ticket Information

Entrance to Pike Place Market is free, though merchants, restaurants, and vendors inside certainly have prices for their individual goods and services.

Tips for Visiting

  • Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and to get the freshest produce.
  • Use public transportation if possible to avoid the hassle of finding parking.
  • Don’t forget your camera as the market offers numerous photo opportunities with its colorful goods, beautiful flower offerings, and views of Elliott Bay.
  • Try a diverse range of cuisines available at the numerous eating spots throughout the market.
  • Bring cash, as not all vendors accept cards.

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