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Hidden within San Marino’s historically rich boundaries resides the quaint Pinacoteca San Francesco, an art gallery that bursts with cultural richness and historical significance. This humble museum is home to an impressive collection of valuable artworks, making it a key destination for art aficionados and history lovers.


The Pinacoteca San Francesco gallery is housed inside the atmospheric Church of San Francesco, built in the 14th century. The gallery inception in 1855 marked a key event in the preservation and celebration of San Marino’s artistic heritage. Throughout its history, the art gallery has accumulated numerous important works, including medieval and modern art pieces that have significant cultural and historical value.

How to get there

Located in the heart of San Marino’s historic center, Pinacoteca San Francesco is easily accessible on foot from any part of the old town. For those traveling from Italy, a well-connected public bus route from Rimini can get you to the city-center, and a short walk from there will take you to the museum.

List of Attractions

  1. Art Collection: The gallery showcases an array of paintings, sculptures, and art pieces from a wide range of periods and styles.
  2. Church of San Francesco: Don’t miss exploring the church itself which is an architectural masterpiece boasting centuries-old frescoes.

Ticket Information

Entry into the art gallery is entirely free, allowing art lovers to swoon over invaluable art without worrying about admission charges.

List of tips for visiting

  1. Take Your Time: There’s a lot to see, so make sure to allocate ample time to appreciate the wide range of art pieces on display.
  2. Photography: You’ll likely want to photograph the remarkable artworks but ensure that flash photography is allowed before doing so.
  3. Respect the Space: Remember, the gallery is part of a working monastery and church, so follow any posted rules or guidelines.
  4. Check the Opening Times: The gallery and church’s opening times can vary, particularly during public holidays or local events.
  5. Nearby Attractions: The gallery is located close to other attractions like the Basilica di San Marino and Public Palace, so consider exploring these spots in the same day.

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