The Best 20 Travel Packing Hacks and Tips

The Best 20 Travel Packing Hacks and Tips

Travel Packing Hacks and Tips

Traveling is always an amazing experience, no matter what your destination is. But packing is a whole different story. It feels like you’re always forgetting something or running out of space and end up buying another suitcase or shipping things back. Follow these seventeen Travel Packing Hacks and Tips, you will not have that problem again.

1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a very elegant solution for keeping your clothes and items organized inside your suitcase. They are like tiny individual suitcases that you can use to pack your clothes for every day or your toiletries and then find them easily. You can find them online and they are not expensive.

2. Consider a pack-able closet

If packing cubes isn’t your thing then try a pack-able closet. These are super convenient and depending on which one you get they can also double as a compression device like the packing cubes. If you are on the go a lot when traveling these things eliminate most of the re-packing nightmare. They also help everything stay super organized. This company Solgaard makes some great pack-able closet items such as backpacks and luggage.

3. Bring a bag for your dirty shoes

Packing dirty shoes again inside your suitcase is gross and will dirty up your clean clothes. If you are returning from a trip through the mud or if your shoes are wet, a plastic bag will help you protect the rest of the items inside your suitcase. If you don’t have one, a shower cap will work in a pinch.

4. Don’t pack soap or shampoos

Soap is one of the things that you shouldn’t pack. It takes up space for other, more useful things, it slows the process of getting through airport security and you can buy it at your destination for very little money.

5. Choose the right luggage

Be honest with yourself about how much stuff you need to bring with you and choose the appropriate luggage. Oversized suitcases are annoying to carry and unnecessary if you can fit your clothes in a regular backpack.

6. Don’t over pack: less is more

Avoid paying extra fees at the airport by taking just what you really need and what wouldn’t be practical to buy at your destination. Remember that pants and jackets can be worn for long periods without having to wash them, so don’t take more than one or a maximum of two.

7. Plan before you go

Make a daily schedule for what you are going to do every day of your trip. Then, choose the right clothes for every day – you should definitely reuse many items, instead of taking a different one for each day – and lay them on the floor so you can visualize them.

8. Bring a bag for dirty laundry

The same as shoes, dirty or wet laundry can mess up the inside of your suitcase. Bring a big enough bag to pack everything when you are going back, especially if your trip is not long enough for you to have to wash your clothes.

9. Roll your clothes

Rolling your shirts or blouses helps you save some precious space. You can even put your underwear and socks for the day inside them so you will be able to just take out one roll a day without disorganizing your entire suitcase.

10. Bring plastic bags for liquids

If you absolutely must take liquids in your suitcase, place them inside Ziploc bags to avoid a mess if they explode. Also, this will make your security check at the airport way faster and more efficient. Some airports are super strict on liquids (ex. London Heathrow) so bringing some extra Ziploc bags is never a bad idea.

11. Bring dryer sheets

Dryer sheets can freshen up all the clothes inside your suitcase to make them ready for when you need to wear them. They are cheap, and lightweight and they don’t take up any space.

12. Pack balanced

Keep the heaviest items, such as leather jackets, coats, or camera equipment at the bottom of your suitcase and lighter items, such as shirts and socks at the top. This will make your suitcase more balanced and easy to carry around.

13. Keep in-flight necessities close and easily accessible

If you need to take medications during the flight, for example, you wouldn’t want to have to scramble your entire backpack just to get them. Also, always keep your passport in a convenient and easily accessible pocket for maximum efficiency.

14. Keep chargers and electronic accessories together

One of the most common problems is that chargers tend to go to the very bottom of the suitcase. If you want to have easy and convenient access to all the electronic accessories you might need, you should keep them all together in a dedicated pocket inside your suitcase or backpack, or put them in a separate bag if your suitcase doesn’t have a pocket.

15. Consider a travel jacket

Travel jackets are incredibly practical, versatile, and stylish. They feature many pockets to store all you need, they protect you from the cold and they come in many styles, so there is always one to fit your personality. I use the BauBax jacket and it is a lifesaver!

16. Leave some space to bring back souvenirs

If you buy anything on your trip you are going to want to safely store it in your suitcase instead of carrying it around, so leave some space when packing. Sometimes if I plan on buying shirts I will intentionally pack fewer shirts and buy shirts at my destination and just wear them during the trip to save space. This also gives you a fresh and clean rotation of shirts.

17. Consider getting a Trtl pillow to save space

If you have to bring a pillow with you, a Trtl pillow is a great choice because it slides easily into any backpack.

18. Keep fragile items or socks in shoes

One of the most useful travel packing hacks you will ever learn is to keep fragile items, such as watches, inside shoes. Since shoes are rigid, they serve as a protective shell. Besides, you are probably only going to pack a couple of pairs of shoes, so you will find your items very easily. Don’t have fragile items? Try packing socks in your shoes to save space!

19. Strap things to your backpack

Strapping things to the outside of your backpack can save space. If the airline doesn’t check the weight of your backpack, which they rarely do unless it’s a budget airline, then strap extra things onto the side using a carabiner. I like to strap my umbrella and my collapsible day pack to the side. I’ve also strapped my snowboard helmet and hiking boots as well when needed. Just keep in mind you may have to stuff this under your seat if you also have a carry-on.

20. Never check essential items

Of course, you should avoid checking a bag ever but if you have to it is crucial that you keep your valuables and necessary items in your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage. Always bring your passport, identification, cash, credit cards, medicine, jewelry, electronics, and other valuables with you when flying. You’ll regret checking your valuable personal belongings in a checked bag, though, if the airline misplaces your luggage. The worst thing is getting to your destination without your luggage being there and you waste the first day just trying to find the essentials you need.
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