Top 10 Things You Must Do in Bruges

A timeless spectacle, Bruges is a charming city full of medieval flavor. Its architectural treasures lure the eye, revealing a city of rich history. The serene canals and tight cobbled streets are absolutely breathtaking. If you are in Brussels and Bruges wasn’t on your list…it should be. Bruges is one of my favorite and one of the most photogenic places I’ve been. Here are my ‘Top 10 Things You Must Do in Bruges”

1. Visit Markt Square

Watch the world go by in one of the Markt Square’s multitude of cafes and restaurants. A vibrant open area; relax with a coffee or a beer and just enjoy the spectacular architecture and scenery around you.

bruges photo 16

2. Visit Basilica of the Holy Blood

Upon homecoming from the Crusades, the count of Flanders returned with what was believed to be the blood of Christ. Unopened to this day, the relic remains in this 12th century chapel.

Painting Holy Blood

3. Visit Groeningen Museum

Bruges is blessed with many fine art museums, in particular the Groeningen, with Belgian and Dutch paintings including the works of Jan Van Eyck and Hieronymous Bosch.

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4. Visit Church of Our Lady

Believed to be the only sculpture to have left Italy in his lifetime, Michelangelo’s Madonna is a beautiful marble figure brought to Bruges in 1506 and housed ever since in the Church of Our Lady.

inside church

5. Visit Memling Museum

Originally built as a medieval hospital, the Memling Museum offers a fascinating insight into Bruges ancient history. Today, the museum is part of the St John’s Hospital complex.

1200px Memling polittico di san giovanni 01

6. Try the Beers!

Belgium in general is a beer lover’s heaven. T’Brugs Beertje and Cambrinus are two spots to check out that have massive Belgium beer selections.

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7. Climb the Belfry

One of the great landmarks of the city, the 272ft (83 meter) high Belfry tower dominates the main city square. Dating back to 1240, the original tower was destroyed by fire and subsequently rebuilt. Climb the 366 steps for a magnificent view of the city. If you are a Colin Ferrell fan you definitely recognize this location from In Bruges movie.

Climb the Belfort Tower Image 1

8. Cruise the Canals

Sometimes referred to as “The Venice of the North”, Bruges is a myriad of canal networks. Originally an important trade route, nowadays the canals are used solely for tourism and are a great way of seeing the town from a different perspective.

along houses

9. Check out the Minnewater

Known locally as “The Lake of Love”, this enchanting lake stands at the entrance to the city. The lake also has commanding panoramic views across the city. During the summer, pop concerts play in the adjacent park.

Minnewater 45359

10. The Beguinage

If the busy and overcrowded city center streets become too much then head over to the garden of the Beguinage for some peace and quite. For more info visit here.

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Bonus: Try some waffles and chocolate. They are many street vendors serving up delicious waffles with assorted toppings. There are also tons of chocolate shops around which you can sample or purchase chocolate.
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