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The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is Denmark’s national museum for ships, seafaring, and boatbuilding in the prehistoric and medieval periods. The museum is located on the site of the former Royal Danish Naval Dockyard and Naval Museum at the head of Roskilde Fjord. It houses five original Viking ships as well as a reconstruction of the Roskilde 6 ship.

The museum’s main focus is the Viking Age when Scandinavian seafarers were some of the most skilled and innovative boatbuilders in the world. The Viking Ship Museum’s collection includes a number of different types of vessels, from the small, nimble warships known as longships to the large cargo-carrying knarrs.

The museum is also home to the world’s oldest known ship, the Skuldelev 2. This 9th-century warship was excavated from the bottom of Roskilde Fjord, where it had been sunk in order to prevent the enemy from sailing up the fjord.

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