Our Top and Essential Travel Apps

Our Top and Essential Travel Apps

Our Top and Essential Travel Apps

We hope you find this list helpful. To us, these are essential apps for any traveling you may be doing. They are in no particular order but all of them serve a specific purpose.


Tripomatic is by far the best overall travel itinerary app we have found – and we have tried almost every one out there. It not only creates the itinerary but it also can suggest itineraries. This app has great built in content about the most popular sights. This makes planning an itinerary a breeze. If you really want to maximize this app, sign up for the pro edition. With the pro, you’ll have access to downloadable maps and content that will work when your phone is offline and has no access to data. Your GPS will even work! It’ll help you navigate your way around a foreign city. Another great thing about Tripomatic is its ability to sync on multiple platforms. It has a great web interface that makes it really easy to plan your trip. All of those plans and content are then automatically synced to your mobile device within the app. A new feature of Tripomatic that I really love is the ability to share and collaborate with friends or family that are also going on the trip (or simply with someone interested in what you are doing during your travels). This is one of our favorite travel apps hands down. Give it a shot! If you need any help using the app or finding some tricks/tips let us know! Our Top and Essential Travel Apps IMG_0640


This used to be our source for travel itinerary building before Tripomatic came along. Trip-it has been in the game for a long time. Now, I use it to store all my vouchers that don’t work on passbook, my airline ticket info and hotel info. Tripomatic currently does not offer an automatic ticket storing feature so I use the Trip-It app for this function. The cool thing is that when you get confirmations from airlines, hotels, events, etc. and it’s synced with your email – it will automatically store them for you. It’s worth a download simply for this feature. screen322x572 (1) screen322x572

Trip Advisor

You can’t always trust what you see on here but it certainly is a good place to do some research before booking tours or choosing hotels. We like to read the good and the bad. Some people are sour grapes and don’t understand what travel is about (of course it’ll be crowded at the Louvre).  But with the bad, there’s also some good. You could even find a cool tidbit that you didn’t know about. The app allows you to browse a city by hotels, restaurants, and sights. They also have added cool features like downloadable city guides and booking reminder. IMG_0642 IMG_0641


Skyscanner is one of the easiest ways to find flight options. This app will pull from almost all airlines as well as third party sites like Expedia to find you the best price and flight times. It can also give you options for flying multiple airlines to get your destination. Even though this isn’t the most cost efficient way to travel, it is sometimes necessary to get to your destination. We book most of our big trips using airline miles so this is also a great tool to figure out which airline would have the best option. It’s also a great tool for finding great flights on budget airline carriers. The app and the website are very easy to use. screen322x572 (2)screen322x572 (3)


Not sure how to get to where you are going? Use this app or their website to pinpoint how to get to your destination. It can be as vague as country to country or be as precise as two addresses. It takes into account, ferries, buses, trains, airlines and gives you the best options to get from point A to point B. screen322x572 (4) screen322x572 (5) screen322x572 (6)

Google Translate

This app is pretty self-explanatory. This app is helpful when translating a single word or an entire sentence. A really cool feature they have is to aim your camera on your mobile device at the sign or letters you need translated, and it will translate it automatically. Pretty amazing – and a time saver! Another cool feature is that you can actually have someone speak into your phone and it will translate it into whatever language you like. screen322x572 (7) screen322x572 (8)

XE Currency

It’s always good to see what the market is doing. It supports just about every currency in the world. It’s also great for people who struggle making purchases (especially big ones) with foreign currency. This can really kill a travel budget quick if you aren’t careful. screen322x572 (9) screen322x572 (10)

Bazar Travels

We of course had to throw in our own app into the mix. Who wouldn’t want to take their favorite travel blog on the go, right? Currently, the app simply pulls from our blog’s content but it’s pretty useful to have travel guides on the go. As long as you have loaded the app while having data or wifi all of the guides loaded in the app should work fine when offline. Be on the lookout for a new upgrade in the future! screen322x572 (11) screen322x572 (12)
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