Cerro El Ávila, also known as Waraira Repano, is a magnificent mountain range that separates the city of Caracas from the Caribbean Sea and serves as a green lung. It’s an oasis of serenity, complete with stunning views and a host of outdoor adventure opportunities.

History of Cerro El Ávila

The mountain range, declared a national park in 1958, has long held significance for the indigenous peoples and locals because of its biological richness and cultural heritage. The mountain gained its name — Waraira Repano — meaning “place of steep slopes,” from the indigenous people and was re-affirmed in 2011.

How to Get There

The mountain is accessible from different points in Caracas, but the most common one is via the Sabas Nieves trail east of the city. Public transportation, private cars, or taxis can be used to reach the trailhead. There’s also a cable car system from Caracas to the peak.

List of Attractions

  • Hiking and biking trails offering panoramic city and sea views
  • Parascending and paragliding for aerial views
  • The iconic cable car ride to the top
  • Diverse flora and fauna throughout the park
  • Opportunities for bird-watching and photography

Ticket Information

Entry to the park is free, but there may be charges for specific activities like the cable car ride and guided tours.

Tips for Visiting

  • Carry water and a snack as, typically, there’s no place to buy food on the trails
  • Wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes
  • Bring a camera for capturing the magnificent views
  • Start early to avoid the afternoon heat and crowds
  • Stay on designated paths and respect wildlife for safety and conservation

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