Not as well-known as the iconic Pyramids of Giza, the Pyramids of Dahshour, located just a short distance away from Cairo, offer a serene, equally impressive historic experience. The site dates back to the end of the Third and the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty, providing an amazing testimony to the evolution of pyramid construction. In my opinion this is a much more enjoyable experience than the Great Pyramids of Giza due to less tourists and people trying to sell you stuff.

Getting There Dahshour is located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Cairo. This archaeological site can be reached by taxi or by joining a guided tour from Cairo.


  1. The Bent Pyramid: The Bent Pyramid, known for its unusual shape, is a significant step in pyramid construction evolution, marking the transition from step-sided to smooth-sided pyramids.
  2. The Red Pyramid: Named for the reddish hue of its stones, the Red Pyramid is Egypt’s third-largest pyramid and the first successful attempt at constructing a “true” smooth-sided pyramid.
  3. The Black Pyramid: Although it lies in ruins today, the Black Pyramid, built during the Middle Kingdom period, offers a fascinating insight into the ancient civilization’s political and architectural advancements.

Tips & Advice

  1. Guide Services: Hiring a guide can offer insider knowledge, enhancing your overall experience.
  2. Timing: Visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon can not only help avoid the heat but also the crowd.
  3. Proper Attire: Egypt can be very hot, so wear light, breathable clothing. Remember your sunblock, hat, and water. It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on sandy ground.
  4. Photography: Camera is a must. The Pyramids are an archaeological wonder, and the photo opportunity is exceptional.

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