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Islamic Cairo

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Islamic Cairo is a historic area known for its grand mosques, bustling markets, and old-world charm. Walking through its narrow alleyways filled with the aroma of traditional […]

cat-icon Midan Silah ad-Din, Cairo 11511 Egypt

The Coptic Museum

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • The Coptic Museum in Cairo houses a vast collection of Coptic Christian artifacts and art, providing an important link between ancient Egyptian and Islamic traditions. Its beautiful […]

cat-icon No 4 Fakhry Abd el Nour street Abbassia, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Museum of Islamic Arts

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Museum of Islamic Art is a museum showcasing Islamic art, design, and culture, located in Doha, Qatar.

cat-icon Shar'a Bur Bab El Khalk Square, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Khan Al-Khalili

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Khan Al-Khalili is a vibrant and ancient bazaar in Cairo, brimming with unique trinkets, traditional crafts, aromatic spices, and the unmistakable charm of old Cairo. Frequented by […]

cat-icon Cairo Egypt

Nile River

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Nile River is the lifeline of Egypt, the longest river in the world, renowned for its relaxing felucca sails, breathtaking sunsets, and the rich legacy of civilization […]

cat-icon Cairo 15662 Egypt

Sachi Park St

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Sachi Park St is a stylish and modern restaurant located in Heliopolis, Cairo. Offering a fusion of Mediterranean and international dishes, the restaurant is lauded for its […]

cat-icon 17 Al Bostan St, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Koshary Abou Tarek

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Koshary Abou Tarek, situated in the heart of Cairo, is a legendary eatery that specializes in Koshary, Egypt’s national dish. This bustling restaurant serves a mix of […]

cat-icon Choppin ln Champollion, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Abou el-Sid

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Abou el-Sid is an iconic restaurant in Cairo known for its traditional Egyptian cuisine and vintage decor. Here, you can indulge in a variety of classic dishes […]

cat-icon 157 26th of July Corridor, St, El Zamalek, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Le Pacha 1901

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Le Pacha 1901 is a floating restaurant on the Nile in Cairo with a stunning river view and an impressive collection of cuisines. With nine different restaurants […]

cat-icon Saray El Gezirah Street in front of Gezira Sporting Club, Cairo 68824 Egypt

Pier88 Nile River

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Pier88 Nile River is a chic and luxurious dining venue floating on the Nile in Cairo. Known for its contemporary decor, spectacular river views, and a menu […]

cat-icon 19 Saray El Gezirah Street Imperial Boat, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Al-Azhar Mosque

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Al-Azhar Mosque is one of Cairo’s most magnificent mosques, not only known for its stunning architecture but also as a leading institution in Islamic learning. Visitors to […]

cat-icon Mohammed Abdou El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Coptic Cairo

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Coptic Cairo is a historic area that’s home to a collection of ancient Christian churches, monasteries, and synagogues. Its narrow cobbled streets, fragrant with the scent of […]

cat-icon Cairo Egypt

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • The Mosque of Muhammad Ali, located within the Cairo Citadel, is a grand structure recognized for its twin minarets and its opulent Ottoman-era architecture. Often referred to […]

cat-icon Al Abageyah El Khalifa, Cairo 4252360 Egypt

Cairo Tower

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Cairo Tower, standing as the tallest structure in Egypt, offers an impressive panoramic view of Cairo’s landscape. It’s a modern contrast to the historic cityscape, with a […]

cat-icon El-Andalus, Cairo 11511 Egypt

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization NEMC

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NEMC) presents a comprehensive overview of Egypt’s rich and diverse history. Located in Cairo, the museum houses thousands of artifacts, providing […]

cat-icon Al Fustat Street, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Bab Zuweila

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Bab Zuweila is one of the three remaining gates of Old Cairo, offering a striking view of the city from its minarets. This historic landmark is a […]

cat-icon Darb el Ahmar, Cairo 11511 Egypt


  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Heliopolis, located in the eastern suburbs of Cairo, is a modern and upscale neighborhood known for its tree-lined boulevards, colonial-era architecture, and historical landmarks including Baron Empain […]

cat-icon Cairo Egypt

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, also known as the Egyptian Museum, is a treasure trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts in Cairo. It houses the largest collection of […]

cat-icon Midan El Tahrir Geographical Society Building, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Cairo Citadel

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Cairo Citadel is a stunning medieval Islamic fortification in Cairo, offering panoramic views of the city from the historic Mokattam hill. The location was once the seat […]

cat-icon Salah Salem St, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Manial Palace Museum

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Manial Palace Museum in Cairo showcases an exquisite blend of Ottoman, Moorish, Persian, and European styles. The former royal residence now serves as a cultural monument, exhibiting […]

cat-icon 1 Saray Street Manyal, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Cave Church

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Cave Church, or the Monastery of St. Simon, is an unusual and stunning church carved out of the rock in the Mokattam mountain in Cairo. It’s an […]

cat-icon Mokattam, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Hanging Church (El Muallaqa, Sitt Mariam, St Mary)

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Hanging Church (El Muallaqa, Sitt Mariam, St Mary) is a captivating 7th-century church, famous for its location above a gatehouse of the old Babylon Fortress in Cairo. […]

cat-icon Shar'a Mari Girgis Street, Cairo 11511 Egypt