Santiago Chile Travel Guide

Santiago Chile Travel Guide

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Santiago Chile Travel Guide Overview

Santiago is the capital of Chile and holds one third of the whole country’s population. There are tons of must-see attractions, and you can get to them by metro. See the museums, parks, and mountains. Santiago is a fantastic city, and we hope this Santiago travel guide helps you plan the best things to see and do, gives you travel tips, and more.

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Santiago Chile Travel Guide: How to Get There

By car

You can reach Santiago by car from any country in South America. Although it would be a rather long drive from most other countries,

By plane

You can reach Santiago by plane from practically any major airport in the world. When you get to the International Airport Comodoro Arturo Merino Bentez in Santiago, you can get to the city by taxi, van, or bus. Taxis will cost around 19,000 CLP ($27) from the airport to the city center. You can take a bus with either one of these companies: TurBus or Centropuerto.

By bus

If you are traveling from another city in South America and you want to take a bus, which is quite popular with budget travelers, then you are in luck because there are multiple carriers that have service to Chile. I would check Rome2Rio for pricing and routes.

Santiago Chile Travel Guide: Travel Tips

Skiing and snowboarding in Santiago: Valle Nevado, Farellones, and El Colorado are a few of the great ski areas in the city. Valle Nevado is one of the largest locations. It has a ski resort, three hotels, apartments, and many places to practice skiing. Lift passes can cost around 34,000 CLP.

Do take the bus or train. The public transport in Chile is very efficient and much cheaper than taking a taxi. If you can’t reach your destination by walking, then take the bus.

Don’t haggle. In Santiago, haggling is not common at all. If you find something overpriced, just move around and find another place to buy it. Choose places with already-set prices.

Drink some wine! The Santiago area has some great wines, and you should try them all! Just kidding, but seriously, there are some great wines down here.

Do visit the museums. There are many museums in the city, such as the National History Museum, the Science and Technology Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the Children’s Museum. All of them are located near Quinta Normal Park. There are also the Memory Museum (Museo de la Memoria), Museu Interativo Mirador, and Casa Museu La Chascona.

Don’t trust every taxi driver. Taking a taxi in Santiago is a safe way to travel in the city, but as a tourist, you must be sure that the driver isn’t overcharging you. Be cautious and see if they have a license and if they turn the meter on.

Santiago Chile Travel Guide: Typical Costs

Hotel Price Points

Prices for accommodation in Santiago range from 6,000 CLP for hostels to 25,000 CLP for budget hotels. Good options are The Aubrey Hotel Boutique, close to the Cerro San Cristóbal and Patio Bellavista, Rado Hostel, and Antigo Caeser. Santiago is probably the only place where you can stay at a Ritz-Carlton for a little over $200 USD a night as well!

Cost of a meal

Santiago has a variety of great places to eat. You can find a range of restaurants, bars, and markets. Food will cost around 7,500 CLP for a meal in a good restaurant. Some good food places to check out are Galindo (Recoleta), Central Market, Mulato Cocina de Mercado (Lastarria), Bocanáriz Vinobar (Lastarria), De Pablo a Violeta (Recoleta), Emporio la Rosa, and shopping in the Patio Bellavista (Providencia).

Cost of transportation
Transportation in Santiago is quite cheap, and you can go almost everywhere on one metro line or by walking. One bus ticket costs around 480 CLP. Uber and taxis are also pretty affordable.


Top Places to Visit in Santiago

Popular Restaurants in Santiago

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