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Hidden within the medieval old town of Slovenia’s capital is Ključavničarska ulica, or “Locksmith Street,” a narrow alley alive with hundreds of emotive bronze faces. This mysterious and surreal street art installation, set against the backdrop of cobbled stones, draws curious glances and is a fascinating photo spot for tourists.


The Locksmith Street installation is the striking work of renowned Slovenian sculptor Jakov Brdar, well-known for his expressive bronze sculptures scattered throughout Ljubljana. These 700 theatrical faces, each exhibiting a unique emotion, are nestled in a gully that cuts through the heart of the lane. Drawing its artistic inspiration from a piece of writing by poet Rainer Maria Rilke, Brdar has transformed this alleyway, culminating the installation with a drinking fountain and eclectic bronze sculptures – a hand and a caged skeleton.

How to get there

Ključavničarska ulica is conveniently located in Ljubljana’s medieval old town, marking easy accessibility for all. Whether you opt to roam the pedestrian-friendly city by foot, bike, or public transportation, spotting the key emblem at the entrance of the alley, an historical sign for the illiterate, ensures you’re at the right location.

List of Attractions

  1. The Bronze Faces: The key attraction is, of course, the 700 expressive, almost grotesque faces paving the center of the alley.
  2. Additional Sculptures: Further down the alley, visitors will find a bronze hand and a caged skeleton, adding to the surreal atmosphere.
  3. The Drinking Fountain: Completing the installation, the fountain breaks the continuity of faces with its refreshing presence.

Ticket Information

The whimsical charm of Locksmith Street and all its attractions can be experienced for free, allowing anyone in the vicinity to embark on this fascinating journey.

List of tips for visiting

  1. Best time to visit: During the daylight hours to fully appreciate the fine details of the faces.
  2. Capture the Moments: The expressive faces provide unique photographic opportunities, promising memorable snapshots.
  3. Patience: Take your time to observe each unique face. You’ll be rewarded as no two faces are the same.
  4. Explore Surroundings: Beyond the narrow alley, the medieval old town has numerous other attractions and historical landmarks to offer.
  5. Weather: It’s covered, so you can visit anytime, but be cautious of slippery cobblestones during wet weather.

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