Guatemala Travel Guide Overview

Guatemala is considered as one of the most beautiful countries located in Central America. It has been identified that a lot of tourists prefer to visit Guatemala as they can find a large number of historical sites to explore during the stay. The ruins of Tikal and the colonial city of Antigua are some perfect examples for attractions that are available for you to witness in Guatemala.

Before you visit Guatemala, it is important to have a clear understanding about the destination and other essential information related to the country. Then you will be able to plan your vacation accordingly and get the most out of your stay in the country. This Guatemala travel guide will be able to help you with that.

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When to Visit Guatemala

Sunrise, water, dawnPlanning a trip to Guatemala? Choosing the right time to visit this Central American gem can greatly enhance your travel experience. From vibrant cultural festivals to optimal weather conditions, Guatemala offers a variety of attractions throughout the year. This comprehensive Guatemala travel guide will help you decide when to book your trip.

1. Peak Season (November to April):

The peak season in Guatemala runs from November to April, making it an ideal time to visit if you want to explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural heritage. During this period, the weather is generally dry and mild, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, visiting ancient ruins, and exploring national parks. However, this is also the busiest time for tourists, so expect larger crowds and higher prices.

2. Shoulder Season (May and October):

The shoulder seasons offer a great balance between favorable weather conditions and fewer crowds. May brings the end of the dry season, while October is the beginning of the rainy season. Despite potential rainfall, visiting during the shoulder season allows you to enjoy Guatemala’s natural beauty at a slightly lower cost while encountering fewer tourists.

3. Low Season (June to September):

If you don’t mind occasional rain showers, the low season in Guatemala can be an excellent time to plan your visit. June to September is Guatemala’s rainy season, resulting in lush landscapes, fewer tourists, and discounted prices on accommodation and tours. Additionally, you can witness unique cultural events such as colorful processions during the Corpus Christi festival in June.

4. Festivals and Special Events:

Guatemala boasts a rich cultural heritage and hosts numerous festivals and special events throughout the year. The most famous one is Semana Santa (Holy Week) before Easter when beautifully adorned processions take place across the country. Other notable celebrations include the Day of the Dead, Independence Day in September, and Garifuna Settlement Day in November.

A visit to Guatemala promises a wealth of experiences, regardless of which season you choose. Consider your preferences for weather, budget, and cultural events when deciding on the best time to explore this captivating country.

Getting to Guatemala: Transportation Options

Planning a trip to Guatemala? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get to the beautiful country of Guatemala, including various modes of transportation and useful information to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Air Travel

If you prefer air travel, Guatemala has several international airports that you can choose from:

When it comes to airlines, several carriers operate flights to and from Guatemala:

Land Transportation

If you prefer overland travel to explore the neighboring countries of Guatemala, these reliable bus companies offer transportation services:

These bus companies provide various routes and comfortable buses for a pleasant journey.

Sea Travel

If you prefer arriving in Guatemala by sea, cruise ships can be a fantastic option. Various cruise lines offer trips to Guatemala, allowing you to visit its beautiful coastal regions.

Please check the itineraries of popular cruise lines like:

Ensure that you review the cruise schedules and select an itinerary that includes Guatemala as a port of call.

Now that you have an overview of the transportation options available, you can plan your journey to Guatemala with ease. Remember to check the official websites of the airports, airlines, bus companies, and cruise lines for the most up-to-date information on schedules, fares, and bookings.

Getting Around Guatemala: Transportation Options, Pros, and Cons

When exploring the beautiful country of Guatemala, it’s essential to have information about the different transportation options available. Whether you’re traveling within cities or planning to visit remote regions, here are the various modes of transportation, along with their pros and cons:

Airports in Guatemala

Airport, woman, flight

Guatemala is well-connected through a network of domestic airports, providing convenient access to various destinations across the country. Here are some popular domestic airports in Guatemala:

For domestic travel, several airline carriers operate flights within Guatemala:

Other Modes of Transportation

1. Buses

Guatemala has an extensive network of buses, providing an affordable and popular mode of transportation. Public buses are typically crowded and travel within cities and towns. On the other hand, private shuttle buses and tourist services offer more comfort and are ideal for traveling between popular tourist destinations. Some companies that operate bus services in Guatemala include:

2. Taxis

Taxis are readily available in Guatemala, especially in urban areas. They are a convenient way to travel short distances within cities. It’s recommended to use registered taxis or book via reputable ride-hailing apps for safety and reliable fares.

3. Rental Cars

Renting a car provides flexibility and independence while traveling in Guatemala. It allows you to explore remote areas at your own pace. However, traffic conditions in major cities can be congested, and driving may be challenging for newcomers.

Remember, when planning your trip to Guatemala , consider the pros and cons of each transportation option to choose the most suitable mode based on your preferences, schedule, and budget.

Must-Try Foods and Drinks in Guatemala


Guatemala, a land of vibrant flavors and rich culinary traditions, offers a delightful array of mouth-watering dishes that every visitor should try. Here are some must-try foods:


Tamales are a staple in Guatemalan cuisine, made with masa (corn dough) filled with various meats, vegetables, and spices. Wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks, tamales are steamed to perfection, resulting in a delicious and savory treat.


Pepián, often considered Guatemala’s national dish, is a hearty and aromatic stew made with chicken or beef, a blend of spices, vegetables, and thickened with ground seeds. It’s typically served with rice, tortillas, and accompanied by radishes and avocado.

Chiles Rellenos

Chiles Rellenos are a popular dish consisting of stuffed bell peppers. The peppers are usually filled with a savory meat mixture, rice, vegetables, and cheese, then dipped in egg batter and fried to perfection. This dish offers a delectable combination of flavors and textures.


Quench your thirst and explore the unique flavors of Guatemala by trying some of these traditional drinks:


Atol is a traditional and comforting corn-based beverage, often enjoyed as a breakfast or dessert drink. Made from masa (corn flour), sugar, milk, and various flavorings such as chocolate, cinnamon, or vanilla, this warm and creamy beverage is the epitome of comfort in a cup.


Michelada is a refreshing beer-based cocktail that blends light beer, lime juice, spices, and sauces such as Worcestershire and hot sauce. Served in a salt-rimmed glass, this zesty drink is perfect for hot days, offering a unique and tangy flavor that perfectly complements Guatemalan cuisine.


Horchata is a traditional rice milk-based beverage with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Cold and creamy, this sweet and refreshing drink is perfect for cooling off on a warm day. Often served over ice, it’s a popular and beloved beverage in Guatemala.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Guatemala by trying these must-try foods and drinks. Savor the local culinary delights and experience the true essence of Guatemala’s gastronomy.

Travel Tips for an Unforgettable Guatemala Adventure

To ensure a safe and budget-friendly experience, here are fifteen essential travel tips to keep in mind:
  1. Research safety precautions: Prioritize your safety by familiarizing yourself with the local customs, areas to avoid, and general safety guidelines in Guatemala. The U.S. Department of State provides helpful information for American travelers on their website.
  2. Stay informed about current events: Keep track of the latest news and updates regarding any potential instability or protests in Guatemala before and during your trip.
  3. Save money by using local transportation: Instead of relying solely on taxis, utilize the extensive public bus system and shared shuttles (known as “chicken buses”) to save on transportation costs. However, ensure you travel with reputable companies.
  4. Learn basic Spanish phrases: While many Guatemalans speak English, learning some Spanish phrases will enhance your travel experience and allow for better communication. Duolingo ( is a great resource for language learning.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the local currency: Guatemala’s currency is the Quetzal (GTQ). Ensure you have some cash on hand in small denominations, as credit cards may not be accepted in all places.
  6. Try traditional Guatemalan cuisine: Don’t miss the opportunity to savor authentic dishes such as tamales, chiles rellenos, and Kak’ik (a traditional Mayan turkey soup). Enjoy the wonderful blend of flavors that Guatemalan cuisine offers.
  7. Attend cultural events and festivals: Immerse yourself in Guatemala’s vibrant culture by attending the various festivals and events held throughout the year, such as Semana Santa (Holy Week) and the Festival Folklórico de Cobán.
  8. Experience Guatemala’s natural wonders: From the ancient ruins of Tikal to the stunning Lake Atitlán and active volcanoes like Pacaya, Guatemala boasts an array of natural attractions that should not be missed.
  9. Respect local customs: Guatemalan culture is rich and diverse. Show respect for the customs, traditions, and dress codes of the various indigenous communities you encounter during your travels.
  10. Be cautious with your belongings: Take precautions against petty crime by keeping an eye on your belongings at all times. Use a money belt or a secure bag to store your valuables.
  11. Stay hydrated and use sun protection: With its tropical climate, Guatemala can get hot and sunny. Drink plenty of water and use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.
  12. Visit local markets: Explore the bustling marketplaces in cities like Chichicastenango and Antigua to find unique handicrafts, textiles, and fresh produce. Remember to practice your bargaining skills!
  13. Respect archaeological sites: If you visit ancient ruins, such as Tikal or Iximche, be mindful not to cause damage by climbing on structures or removing artifacts. Leave these treasures for future generations to enjoy.
  14. Plan your itinerary wisely: Guatemala offers a diverse range of attractions, so plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of your time in this fascinating country.
  15. Consider travel insurance: Protect yourself against unexpected events such as medical emergencies or trip cancellations by purchasing travel insurance before your trip to Guatemala.
By following these travel tips, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on an incredible journey through Guatemala, creating lasting memories and experiencing the rich Guatemalan culture!

Typical Costs in Guatemala for Accommodations, Food, Transportation, and Attractions

When planning a trip to Guatemala, it’s essential to consider the typical costs of accommodations, food, transportation, and attractions to budget your expenses effectively. Whether you’re a budget traveler or seeking a luxurious experience, Guatemala offers a range of options to suit every preference. Let’s explore the estimated costs in each category:


Budget Accommodations:

If you’re looking for affordable accommodations in Guatemala, you’ll find various options, including hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. Prices typically range from $10 to $30 USD per night, depending on the location. These accommodations provide basic amenities, shared facilities, and a chance to connect with fellow travelers.

Mid-Range Accommodations:

For a more comfortable stay without breaking the bank, mid-range accommodations such as three-star hotels and boutique lodges are available. Prices average between $40 and $100 USD per night, offering private rooms, better amenities, and sometimes access to additional services like swimming pools or restaurants.

Luxury Accommodations:

If luxury is what you seek, Guatemala has top-notch resorts, high-end hotels, and exclusive eco-lodges to indulge your senses. These accommodations often cost over $150 USD per night, providing luxurious rooms, remarkable views, spa facilities, fine dining, and personalized services.


Budget Dining:

Sampling the local cuisine and street food is an excellent way to experience Guatemala without straining your budget. Street food stalls and local eateries offer delicious meals for as little as $2 to $5 USD per dish. These budget-friendly options let you taste authentic flavors without compromising on quality.

Mid-Range Dining:

If you prefer more comfortable dining experiences, mid-range restaurants are plentiful in Guatemala. With prices ranging from $10 to $20 USD per meal, you can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines. These restaurants provide a cozy ambiance, diverse menus, and a chance to savor traditional Guatemalan delicacies as well as international dishes.

Luxury Dining:

For a memorable gastronomic experience, Guatemala boasts upscale restaurants that offer fine dining and exquisite flavors. These establishments typically charge $30 USD and upwards per meal. Immerse yourself in gourmet cuisine while relishing elegant settings and attentive service.


Getting around Guatemala is relatively affordable due to its compact size and accessible transportation options. Here are some common modes of transport and their estimated prices:

– Buses: Local buses are the most cost-effective option, with fares ranging from $1 to $10 USD, depending on the distance.

– Taxis: Taxis are widely available in urban areas. Short rides within cities usually cost $2 to $10 USD, while longer rides between cities may range from $30 to $100 USD.

– Ride-Sharing: Ride-sharing services like Uber operate in major cities and offer competitive prices, typically similar to taxi rates.

– Rental Cars: Car rentals vary in price depending on the vehicle type and duration. Daily rates usually start from $30 USD, excluding fuel and insurance.


Guatemala boasts a wealth of attractions showcasing its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historical heritage. Here are some popular attractions and their approximate costs:

– Mayan Ruins: Entry fees for famous Mayan ruins like Tikal can range from $20 to $40 USD per person.

– Volcano Hikes: Hiking up Guatemala’s volcanoes is a thrilling adventure. Prices typically range from $10 to $50 USD, depending on the volcano and whether you require a guide.

– Lake Atitlán: A visit to the picturesque Lake Atitlán generally costs around $5 to $10 USD for boat transportation between villages.

– Museums: Most museums in Guatemala charge entry fees between $2 and $10 USD, allowing you to explore the country’s vibrant history and art.

Remember, prices may vary depending on the season, location, and specific service providers. It’s always wise to research and plan ahead to ensure you have a realistic budget for your travels in Guatemala.

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Popular Destinations in Guatemala

Antigua guatemala 14 1100x733 1


Semuc champei, guatemala, coban


Guatemala, flores, lakeside view


Sunrise, water, dawn

Lake Atitlan

Pyramid, maya, temple


Top Places to Visit in Guatemala

Clio’s Antigua

Clio’s Antigua

Clio’s, located in the historically-rich city of Antigua, Guatemala, opens its doors to all who appreciate high-end, French fusion cuisine. This exceptional restaurant creates an exciting gastronomic

Temple IV – Tikal
Ancient Ruins

Temple IV – Tikal

Temple IV is a majestic ancient structure located in the heart of Tikal National Park, Guatemala. This imposing temple stands tall and offers breathtaking views of the

Lost World – Tikal
Ancient Ruins

Lost World – Tikal

Lost World is an exciting adventure park located in the heart of Jurassic Valley. This thrilling attraction offers a unique and immersive experience, where visitors can step

North Acropolis – Tikal
Ancient Ruins

North Acropolis – Tikal

The North Acropolis is a significant archaeological attraction located in the ancient city of Tikal, Guatemala. It is a large complex of Mayan ruins that served as

Temple V – Tikal
Ancient Ruins

Temple V – Tikal

Temple V is a magnificent ancient structure located in the heart of Tikal National Park, Guatemala. It is a Mayan temple dating back to the 8th century,

Temple II – Tikal
Ancient Ruins

Temple II – Tikal

Temple II is a magnificent ancient temple located in the heart of Tikal, Guatemala. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important

Best Places to Eat in Guatemala

Img 5823
grilled meats


Fantastic Uruguayan restaurant with great grilled meats!

Atitlan Sunset Lodge

Atitlan Sunset Lodge

A great place to kick back and relax. Have a drink and some food and catch the sunset over Lake Atitlan.

Mesón Panza Verde
antigua guatemala

Mesón Panza Verde

Meson Panza Verde Restaurant elegantly intertwines the old and new worlds, reflecting a modern Guatemala that treasures its harmonious blend of historical traditions while embracing a culinary

french cuisine


Tartines, located in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala, is a tribute to authentic French gastronomy. The restaurant’s mouth-watering menu offers a delightful selection of classic French dishes,

Bistrot Cinq

Bistrot Cinq

Bistrot Cinq, a delightful embodiment of the vision of acclaimed American Chef, Robbin Haas, first welcomed its guests on November 16, 2007. Drawing inspiration from the bistros

Guatemala Photographs

Guatemala Tours & Experiences

Lake Atitlan Villages Tour on ATV

Lake Atitlan Villages Tour on ATV

Discover the Lake Atitlan area on this half-day ATV adventure. First, head to San Antonio Palopo via the road that runs around the lake. There, visit a

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