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Centro Cultural La Azotea

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Centro Cultural La Azotea in Antigua, Guatemala, is a captivating cultural hub that offers a journey into the country’s rich heritage. This vibrant center showcases Guatemalan art, […]

cat-icon Calle de Cementerio Final, Antigua 01003 Guatemala

Iglesia de San Francisco El Grande

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Iglesia de San Francisco El Grande is a historic church in Antigua, known for its artistic architecture and religious significance. As a shrine to Guatemala’s patron saint, […]

cat-icon Calle Oriente,1a Avenida Sur 7a, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Ultimate Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide 2023

  • cat-icon Travel Guides
  • Antigua, Guatemala Travel Guide Overview Welcome to our Antigua and Guatemala travel guide. Antigua Guatemala was declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. During the 15th century, […]

cat-icon Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Pacaya Volcano

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Pacaya Volcano is an active volcano near Antigua, famous for its lava flows and guided tours. Hiking to the summit provides a thrilling experience and an unforgettable […]

cat-icon Antigua 05001 Guatemala

Volcan de Agua

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Volcan de Agua is a dormant volcano near Antigua, offering incredible hiking experiences. Its towering presence and panoramic views make it a favorite destination for outdoor adventurers […]

cat-icon Santa Maria de Jesus, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Arco de Santa Catalina

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • One of the recognizable features in Antigua Guatemala (you’ve probably seen it on the gram), Guatemala, is the Santa Catalina Arch, which is situated on Fifth Avenue […]

cat-icon 5a Avenida Norte 28, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Caoba Farms

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • This farm is a little away from Antigua. It takes about a fifteen-minute car ride to reach them. This is an organic farm with a unique farm-to-table […]

cat-icon 5a. Ave. Final sur Sobre Puente Pensativo, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Cerro de la Cruz

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • A must-see view of Antigua Amazing photos of the city can be clicked from this place. It’s located on a hill that is about a 30-minute walk […]

cat-icon Antigua, Guatemala Al final de la 1ª Avenida Norte, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Casa Santo Domingo Antigua, Guatemala

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • It was a convent and sanctuary in the 1500s. Now it is a five-star hotel that has a candle factory, Eat and Drink, bar, pools, a fountain, […]

cat-icon 3a Calle Oriente 28 Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Lake Atitlán

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • One of Guatemala’s most popular tourist destinations and one of the world’s seven wonders, Lake Atitlán is situated in the Sololá district.It is regarded as both one […]

cat-icon Lago Atitlán, Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala

Catedral de San Jose

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Catedral de San Jose is a prominent Roman Catholic church in Antigua. Although partially in ruins, the cathedral’s striking façade and historical significance make it an essential […]

cat-icon Calle Oriente 5a Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Cathedral de Santiago Antigua

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Cathedral de Santiago Antigua is a baroque-style cathedral in Antigua, considered one of the most significant religious structures in Guatemala. The grand architecture, intricate altars, and historical […]

cat-icon 4a Calle Oriente 1C Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Museo Casa del Tejido Antiguo is a museum in Antigua, dedicated to the preservation of traditional Guatemalan textiles. Visitors can observe weaving demonstrations, explore indigenous clothing, and […]

cat-icon 0 Avenida 4-16 Zona 4 San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepequez, Antigua 03015 Guatemala


  • cat-icon See and Do
  • ChocoMuseo is a chocolate museum in Antigua, offering a delicious exploration of chocolate’s history and production. Visitors can participate in workshops, making their own chocolate treats, and […]

cat-icon 4a Calle Poniente # 8 Frente al parque central, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Convento Santa Clara

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Convento Santa Clara is a historical convent in Antigua, known for its elegant design and tranquil gardens. The site’s storied past and beautiful surroundings offer a peaceful […]

cat-icon Av. Sur at 6 Calle Oriente 2, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Acatenango Volcano

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Acatenango Volcano is a stratovolcano near Antigua, known for its challenging hikes and breathtaking views. Offering opportunities for camping and bird-watching, it’s a must-visit for adventure seekers […]

cat-icon Volcan Acatenango Chimaltenango Sacatepequez, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Iglesia de La Merced

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • It survived the earthquakes and is a great display of art, architecture, and design. This church is decorated with beautiful stucco and has many statues and works […]

cat-icon 5a Avenida Norte y 1a Calle Poniente Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Antigua Street Market

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Antigua Street Market is a lively market in Antigua, offering everything from fresh produce to handcrafted souvenirs. A bustling hub of local culture, it’s the perfect place […]

cat-icon Antigua Guatemala


  • cat-icon See and Do
  • A must see for Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans. This is the Latin American cousin of Hobbiton. It’s on the outskirts of Antigua, but there […]

cat-icon Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Convento de las Capuchinas

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Convento de las Capuchinas is a well-preserved convent in Antigua, showcasing stunning colonial architecture. Visitors can explore the peaceful courtyards, serene chapel, and beautiful gardens, taking a […]

cat-icon Av Norte at 2 Calle Oriente 2 Centro Histórico, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

La Recoleccion

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • La Recoleccion is a historical site in Antigua, featuring the ruins of a former church and monastery. Its remarkable architectural details and compelling history make it a […]

cat-icon Calle Poniente at Calle de Recolectos 1, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

Casa Popenoe

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • Casa Popenoe is a colonial house-museum in Antigua that showcases 17th-century domestic life. Restored and furnished with period pieces, this unique house provides a fascinating glimpse into […]

cat-icon 6ta. Calle Oriente, No. 16 La Antigua Guatemala, Antigua 03001 Guatemala

The Plaza Central Park

  • cat-icon See and Do
  • The Plaza Central Park is a public park in Antigua, Guatemala, known for its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful gardens. A gathering place for both locals and tourists, […]

cat-icon Central Park Pizzeria, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Antigua Brewing Company

  • cat-icon Eat and Drink
  • Antigua Brewing Company, nestled in the historic city of Antigua, Guatemala, is a celebration of craft beer and local flavors. Combining traditional brewing techniques with a touch […]

cat-icon Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala