Old Faithful Geyser

The Old Faithful Geyser, located in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, is one of the most popular and most predictable geological features on earth. It’s not the largest or most frequent geyser, but it’s certainly the most reliable, erupting approximately every 91 minutes.


Old Faithful was named by the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition in 1870, who were astounded by its size and regularity, and it has been a significant tourist attraction ever since. The geyser, along with the rest of the Yellowstone National Park, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978.

How to Get There

The Old Faithful Geyser is located in the Upper Geyser Basin of the Yellowstone National Park. The park can be reached by car or by shuttle services from airports in Jackson, Bozeman, and Cody. The Old Faithful Inn and the Old Faithful Lodge are within walking distance of the geyser.


  • Old Faithful Geyser: The main attraction is, of course, the geyser itself. Visitors can watch it erupt approximately every 91 minutes.
  • Upper Geyser Basin: This area has the highest concentration of geysers in the world, including Castle Geyser, Riverside Geyser, and Grand Geyser.
  • Old Faithful Inn: One of the most popular accommodations in Yellowstone, this lodge offers an up-close view of the geyser.
  • Firehole River: A beautiful river perfect for fishing and swimming, located near the geyser area.

Ticket Information

Entrance to the Yellowstone National Park requires a fee. Private, non-commercial vehicles are charged $35, motorcycles or snowmobiles are charged $30, and individuals on foot or bike are charged $20. The pass provides access to the park for seven days.

Tips for Visiting

  • Arrive early or stay late to avoid the crowds and have a more intimate experience with the geyser.
  • Stay on the boardwalks at all times. The ground in the geyser area is fragile and dangerous.
  • Bring a picnic to enjoy while waiting for the geyser to erupt.
  • Don’t forget your camera. The geyser and surrounding area are extremely photogenic.
  • Consider visiting during the off-season. The park is less crowded and equally beautiful during the spring and fall.

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