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Spain Travel Guide: Overview

Spain is made up of diverse and vibrant cities whose locals are among the friendliest in the world. For history buffs, Spain has many museums and galleries and has the largest number of World Heritage Cities. Spain has a relaxed lifestyle for young souls—they take siestas, have incredible nightlife, and host amazing cultural festivals. We hope this Spain travel guide helps you plan your trip to Spain!

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Spain Travel Guide: When to Visit

All year long, there is plenty to do in Spain. However, the best weather can be found between the months of April and October. In the spring and fall you will experience fewer crowds, and the weather is ideal.

It’s really hot during the summer, particularly during the months of July and August. It is also very crowded during those months. The locals use that time to go on holiday to beat the crowds. For those who are planning a trip during these months, it’s best to book plane tickets and accommodations in advance.

Spain Travel Guide: How to Get There

Spain is made up of autonomous regions, and each has its own distinct culture. Traveling to Spain is easy because most cities have international airports. The busiest is in the capital Madrid, followed by airports in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, and Malaga. Ibiza has an airport that caters to mostly domestic flights and seasonal flights coming from other parts of Europe.

If coming from other parts of Europe, traveling to Spain is easy by train. There’s a high-speed train traveling from France to Barcelona and Madrid. If you are on a tight budget, taking the bus is possible too. Though trips can take longer, sometimes a day, they are much cheaper.

Spain Travel Guide: Travel Tips

Expect to have a late lunch or dinner. Everything is at a slower pace in Spain. If you’re on time, you’re early.

Bring some cash and coins with you. This is essential when trying out local food on the streets, using public toilets, and using public transportation.

Try local cuisines and spend time at local coffee shops. Spanish cuisines are famous because of their delectable ingredients and unique fusion of flavors. The coffees at local cafes are incredibly good too, so try as many as possible and skip Starbucks.

Take care of your valuables. Just like in other famous European countries, there are also pickpockets in most cities in Spain, especially in the top tourist destinations.

Expect a lively afternoon. They have afternoon siestas, and most local shops and Eat and Drinks are closed during these times. They re-open during the evening to serve dinner.

Don’t fall for tourist traps. If something seems too good to be true, it’s probably best to ignore it. This can be in terms of a good accommodation, a good Eat and Drink, or even a city tour headed by local tour guides.

Spain Travel Guide: Typical Costs

Price Range for Hotels

Accommodation across Spain is surprisingly cheaper than in most other countries in western Europe. Budget hostels could cost around €15 up to €35, depending on the season. In major cities like Madrid or Barcelona, it can start at about €25. A decent private room starts at around €50 per night in most cities.

Cost of a Meal

A decent meal on a budget is about €10 to €15, and sometimes, it comes with wine as well. A complete meal with drinks and an appetizer is usually about €25 and up. A simple snack of a sandwich and drink is about €5 to €7. Groceries are much cheaper at €25 per week per person.

Cost of a commute

It’s easy to travel around cities in Spain. Public transportation is excellent and very reliable. Madrid and Barcelona, two main tourist cities, have extensive (and tourist friendly) bus and metro systems. You can get tickets for both the bus and the metro for about €1 to €2 per trip. For regional trips, night buses are considered cheap at around €18 per trip.

Popular Destinations in Spain

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Top Places to Visit in Spain

Parque Natural de la Serrania de Cuenca
Nature & Parks

Parque Natural de la Serrania de Cuenca

Parque Natural de la Serrania de Cuenca is a stunning natural park located in the province of Cuenca, Spain. Spanning over 80,000 hectares, this park is a

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is actually composed of several lively streets. It’s one of the city’s most popular attraction and entertainment hubs. While walking along stretch of Las Ramblas,

Barcelona Walking Tour

Barcelona Walking Tour

If you like to explore the city on foot, then you may do so by joining a free walking tour. This could take up to 3 or

Montjuïc Castle

Montjuïc Castle

Montjüic is a broad hill located southwest of the city center. You can walk or ride a cable car to go all the way up here. There

Museo Picasso

Museo Picasso

A visit to Barcelona would not be complete without having to drop by Museo Picasso. More than 4,000 collection of artworks are housed inside the museum and

barcelona travel guide

Sagrada Familia

This unfinished church is the most visited and the most famous attraction in Barcelona. The church was designed by Antoni Gaudi but he died before he could

Top Places to Eat in Spain

Bar El Comercio

Bar El Comercio, situated in the bustling streets of Seville, Spain, is a traditional staple that has been serving locals and travelers alike since 1904. Famous for

IMG 9006

Tradevo Centro

Tradevo Centro, located in the vibrant heart of Seville, Spain, is a contemporary establishment that redefines the traditional concept of tapas. This award-winning eatery presents a menu

El Sembrao

Situated in the heart of mesmerizing Seville, El Sembrao is a dining haven that exudes Spanish charm and delivers authentic local flavors. With a menu reflecting the

Las Teresas

Las Teresas, found in the traditional Barrio Santa Cruz of Seville, Spain, is a celebrated tapas bar that offers an authentic Andalusian culinary experience. Brimming with local

Taberna Álvaro Peregil

Situated in the heart of Seville, Spain, Taberna Álvaro Peregil is a quintessential local tavern that promises a true Andalusian dining experience. Known for its traditional tapas

Bar Casa Morales

Bar Casa Morales, nestled in the historic city of Seville, Spain, is a revered establishment known for offering a slice of traditional Andalusian culinary culture. Renowned for


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