Plaza Francia, also known as Altamira Square, is a public square located in Caracas, Venezuela. This guide, crafted by a veteran traveller, unravels every intriguing facet of this spectacular location, providing a comprehensive guide for visitors to explore and enjoy Plaza Francia.


Plaza Francia was built in the 1940s and is situated in the heart of the upscale Altamira neighborhood. It features a distinctive obelisk and offers a rich history closely linked with the rise of modern architecture and urban design in Caracas.

How to Get There

Plaza Francia is at the center of the transportation network in Caracas. The square is adjacent to the Altamira station of the Caracas Metro, making it easily accessible. Buses and taxis also routinely service the area.


  • Obelisk: A landmark that soars above the plaza, providing visitors with an excellent panoramic view of Caracas.

  • Art Exhibitions: Frequent exhibits by local and international artists are a common sight at Plaza Francia.

  • Gardens and the Fountain: Beautifully maintained gardens and a grand fountain offer serene spaces for relaxation.

  • Surrounding Architecture: The vicinity boasts a wide range of architectural styles, ranging from pre-modernist to contemporary.

Ticket Information

Entrance to Plaza Francia and many of its attractions is free. Certain special exhibitions or events may charge an entrance fee. Information on these can typically be found online or via local tourism offices.

Tips for Visiting

  • Visit during the day for the best experience and safety.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. The plaza and surrounding neighborhood are best explored on foot.

  • Bring a camera. The Plaza and surrounding area are wonderfully photogenic.

  • Keep an eye on personal belongings. As in any busy urban area, pickpocketing can occur.

  • Consider a guided tour to gain a comprehensive understanding of the area’s rich history and architecture.

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